Front-End Design Services

We specialise in providing front-end design services to define concepts, establish feasibility, test ideas and options, and provide sales and marketing material. By creating concept sketches, design and 3D models in-house, we can save time and establish direction.

By testing concepts at the front-end of projects, we can help to define the Client brief and inform on the potential of a site or idea. This applies to the smallest and largest of Projects and connects seamlessly to our  comprehensive design management services.

design for affordable housing

We are passionate about solving housing affordability issues in New Zealand. We believe that a mixed strategy of design, prefabrication, community and stakeholder feedback, supplier, contractor and development involvement is the way forward. We are currently working on a range of predesigned houses that we think will transform the market.

research + development

We instigate projects to develop new ideas for the built environment. We put teams together to deliver innovative products and ideas. If you have a project or idea that needs input - particularly in prefabrication - we can assist. 

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